Roof Restoration

Are you really aware of the current condition of your roof?

Although your roof is an integral component of any building’s structure, many people are unaware of the current condition of their roofs. Unfortunately, people typically only realise there is a problem when they notice leaks, extensive rust, and other forms of damage. This can result in a more costly solution such as a roof replacement. However, Armour Roofing also offers quality roof restoration to restore your roof to its original condition.

Trust Armour Roofing for essential roof restoration.

Top quality professional roof restoration is essential for many reasons. A roof restoration will restore the quality of your roof, prolong its life, and save you the hassle and expense of a complete roof replacement. Your roof constitutes a large portion of your building’s exterior. It is vitally important for the protection of everyone in the building, as well as all aspects of your business such as your equipment and products.

Employ a professional team for professional results

Roof restoration is a complex task that requires specialist knowledge. At Armour Roofing we specialise in all types of roof restorations. This means that we use only professional grade materials when it comes to restoring your roof and extending its longevity. Our team is fully trained to carry out all roof restorations with efficiency and ease, minimising any potential disruption to your business.

Professional roof restoration services

At Armour Roofing we offer a comprehensive range of professional roof restoration services.

These services include:

High pressure cleaning
Removal of debris
Rebedding of ridge caps
Roof repairs
Priming, sealing and colouring