Metal Roof Replacement

Poor maintenance can result in the need for a metal roof replacement.

Metal roofing is generally durable, and can last anywhere from 30 to 100 years. Metal roofs start to deteriorate if the rust-proof coating was inexpertly applied, or was not maintained over time. It is important to remember that although metal roofs are generally very low maintenance, the rust-proof coating does need some attention as it does degrade with time.

When is it time for a metal roof replacement?

Damage to metal roofs is often visible to the naked eye. Simply go into your attic or ceiling and have a look at your roof from below. You could also climb up on a ladder to inspect your roof from this vantage point (although walking on your roof is inadvisable). Any cracks, tears, holes and rust damage might indicate that a metal roof replacement is necessary. Feel free to call the experts at Armour Roofing for professional advice and guidance should you be in any doubt.

Opting for metal roofing has many advantages.

There are many benefits associated with opting for a metal roof. Metal roofing is:

Very durable
Fire resistant
Incredibly strong
Able with withstand strong winds and heave hail
A low-maintenance roofing material
Quick to install

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