What is Asbestos?

What is Asbestos

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Asbestos is the generic name for a number of naturally occurring silicate mineral fibres. Asbestos is a versatile product. Due to its ability to withstand heat, erosion and decay, and for its fire and water resistant properties, asbestos was widely used in building materials for residential and commercial premises until it started to be phased out in the 1980s. Despite the use of all forms of asbestos being banned nationally since 31 December 2003, building materials containing asbestos are still prevalent in our community today.

Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos is an extremely hazardous material that poses risks to health and safety. Exposure to asbestos fibres is known to cause Mesothelioma – a deadly cancer caused by inhaling particles of asbestos dust that eat away at the lining of the lungs. It is known to cause diseases such as asbestosis, lung cancer, pleural plaques, and pleural thickening.

Removing Asbestos

Removing, breaking, cleaning, cutting, drilling, filing, grinding, sanding or smashing materials that contain asbestos can release very fine and potentially dangerous asbestos fibres into the air where they can be easily inhaled. That is why a person who is trained or appropriately licensed to carry out asbestos work must be involved.  Because we are fully licensed to remove asbestos, you are in good hands.

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